eliza collin

Stimulating my emerging thinking in the area of research was my involvement in ‘WithKin’ Dorset 2017. Curated by artist George Ridgway it aimed to 'acknowledge ecological intimacy and hypocrisy in light of new relationships between individuals/communities in their surrounding environments. Potentials of relationships to deep time, magic and its relationship to ecology, date and digital network systems were explored, their physical manifestations as well as the ecologies they create.' I made and exhibited a series of felted pieces using a combination of Dorset Poll and Jacobs sheep local to Manor Farm. Keeping their natural colours I felted them to resemble cowhide, this has become a capsule collection including other local materials with natural dyes and am currently in discussion with Berlin based sustainable textiles group Doppelhaus to establish a collaboration. The idea of making sustainable materials that take on the persona of unsustainable or damaging materials is revealing itself in my work though what I call ‘Imitation Luxury’.

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