Run Deep Run Wild | Gemene Grond | Utrecht, Netherlands | Group Residency and Radio Broadcast | 2022

Water is What We Make It was a six day residency comissioned by Gremene Grond and supported by Utrecht city council. The residency was an investigation in which art, philosophy, ecology, science and urban planning all come together. The programme examined new ways we can best work together in our city. In this project we worked together closely with Utrecht city council and a range of experts, such as the city ecologist and the urban planners involved in the redevelopment of Leidse Rijn, Utrecht’s main central waterway. The residency spanned over two months and culminated in a live performance and radio show, Run Deep Run Wild. 

Run Deep Run Wild, A series of liquid conversations between artists, thinkers, spatial planners and policy-makers. Aimed at developing a shared language between the participants and the residential programme Water is What We Make It and the Utrecht local authority. During the broadcast we discussed ways of bringing about flowing urban practice in a post-human context.

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