Life Cycles | Light Eye Mind | London | Solo Exhibition | 2019

21-28th March (2019)

Light Eye Mind presents Life Cycles, an exhibition by Eliza Collin and Pietro Librizzi featuring works made with repurposed effects from a family house. The exhibition is correlated with the foundation of ‘casapiena microcentro’, an independent art centre in a small town of Sicily, being transformed from private residence to public space.

All of the items on show suggest new luxury objects and alternatives to the destructive production process that tradition needs. Centerpiece are imitative marble inlays, produced from plastic tiles whose entire production of gathering, chipping, melting, pressing, tracing, cutting and mounting happened in the same place. Mined from genealogical and architectural depths, the works depict landscapes with animals present since prehistoric times and now dominating into the human world: the plastic used to depict these scenes was perhaps once the scenes in the flesh.

Accompanying the inlays are other works fabricated whilst making room for the evolution of the house, notably a collection of garments, Giovanna, made with tights, skirts and underwear. Through a desire to make clothing without buying untraceable materials, and whilst clearing through abandoned closets at ‘casapiena’, finding garments made from traditional high grade materials yet in old and unflattering designs. Eliza decided to repurpose these pieces and seek new market life for them.

During the exhibition, three encounters will recreate some attitudes followed by the artists towards found material in respect to their previous affective life: soap carving, tights to clothes and an afternoon discussion on sustainability in art practice, inviting participants to bring a favourite material to judgement. Finally, there will be a screening of Archivio Illegibile report, exploring the making of the first exhibition at ‘casapiena’ which dealt with belongings over generations, domestic archaeology and collective knowledge-making.