Muic (pig) | MA Material Futures, Central Saint Martins | London | Research | 2020

Muic (pig) is an exploration into the role of the wild boar in the British landscape and the denial of its reintroduction written down in UK law. Developed during my time on the MA Material Futures and the first covid-19 lockdown, I worked on tools which could aid humans in replacing the vital role the wild boar plays as a keystone species.
Until we are ready to live alongside them again.

Readings from: Feral (George Monbiot, 2013)

Wild Boar Mythology and Folklore (Dan Puplett)

The Environmental Impact of Wild Boat (Giovanna Massei and Peter V. Genov, 2004)

Arrested Development (George Monbiot, 2011)

Record numbers of golden eagles poisoned in Scotland in 2010 (Patrick Barkham, 2011)

The Devonshire Hunting Tapestries © Victoria and Albert Museum, London

Sampled videos in order of appearance: